Concerning health update on Steven Tyler at 75 confirms the rumors – and it’s the news we feared.

Aerosmith Cancels Tour Dates: Steven Tyler Health Update

This week, Aerosmith had to disappoint tens of thousands of fans by canceling the last six dates of their Peace Out: The Forewell tour. Singer Steven Tyler shared some unfortunate news about his health on Instagram.

Doctors advised her not to sing for the next 30 days as her vocal cords were severely damaged. As a result, several shows were pushed back to early 2024, including Toronto on September 12, Chicago on September 15, Detroit on September 18, Raleigh on September 21, and Washington on September 27.

Aerosmith expressed their disappointment at the postponement of the performance in an official statement sent to fans. Steven Tyler shared a heartbreaking story about the situation, explaining that he had injured his vocal cords during a previous performance, which led to bleeding.

But the group decided to give fans a chance.

The performance it deserves. All previously purchased tickets will remain valid for the postponed dates and those unable to attend will receive a refund. Fans with questions about refunds are encouraged to contact their point of purchase.

A farewell trip for a legend

Aerosmith’s Peace Out: Farewell Tour was announced on May 1st and will run across 40 dates from September 2nd (Philadelphia) to January 26th (Montreal). However, due to recent delays, the tour will now end late.

According to the latest information, Aerosmith will resume touring starting Monday, October 11. The band’s decision to embark on a farewell tour is truly commendable, especially considering the ages of the members.

Steven Tyler turned 75 in March, and the toll it took on his body during his 40-show tour is unimaginable. However, his efforts to give his fans an unforgettable experience are admirable, reflecting the selfless nature he has shown so far.

A Heart for Philanthropy

In 2019, Steven Tyler helped establish “Janie’s House,” a home for abused and neglected girls. He generously donated $500,000 to renovate the 82-acre building located just outside of Memphis. The name “Janie’s House” was inspired by Aerosmith’s hit song from 1989, “Janie’s Got a Gun.” This safe space aims to provide these women with a place to heal and find refuge in times of need.

As fans, let’s hope for a swift recovery for Steven Tyler so that he can get back on his feet and continue doing what he does best – mesmerizing audiences with his timeless music and incredible performances!