Generosity in action! When an elderly man faced a food shortage, a compassionate Kroger kid stepped up to help. Making a difference, one kind act at a time.

Teo Jordan, a senior at Holmes High School and employee at Kroger, showed that no good deed goes unrecognized in his neighborhood by assisting a man in paying for his groceries.

Teo, 18, bags groceries after school at the Covington, Kentucky, Kroger. The teen had only recently begun working there as he is trying to accumulate enough cash to purchase a car.

While he was working the checkout line, he saw an elderly man who was about to pay for his purchases but couldn’t afford to carry everything home.

The elderly man was forced to break the heartbreaking news to the cashier that he would have to return some of the merchandise because the total of the items exceeded $100.

At this moment, Teo Jordan the young decided to step in. As he described the incident to WCPO 9, his first thought was, “I got $35 in my pocket, and I’m just gonna give it to him. “.

At that precise moment, Teo’s kindness allowed the old man to buy the food he wanted. Although the high school student didn’t intend for this act of kindness to go viral, it has.

Teo, a senior at Holmes High School, plans to pursue a marketing degree at the University of Kentucky. Stephanie, Teo’s mother, is pleased that her efforts to teach him have been successful in that he has been paying attention.