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Grandma sets up a camera to see if the staff is lying because she keeps “falling out of her wheelchair”.

We want to think that we will be taken care of when we are reliant on the kindness of others, when we are too old to care for ourselves, and when we have reached the limit of our freedom.

That’s true for the vast majority of elderly people. They either receive care from family members or, at the very least, from someone who has a responsibility to treat others with respect and kindness.

Sadly, some people still treat those unable to defend themselves with blatant disregard and even maltreatment.

Minnie Graham spent her final years in a Garland, Texas, nursing facility. When she started to get black eyes and bruises, her family became worried.

The hospice staff claimed that Minnie had fallen from her wheelchair, but Minnie’s family knew better than to believe them.

Minnie, a 98-year-old great-grandmother, told her family that the Garland hospice staff had mistreated her. Her age made it difficult for her to convey the gravity of the situation as she accused one employee of being particularly nasty.

The hospice staff in charge of taking care of Minnie immediately denied the claims when questioned by her family about them. They claimed that instead of her falling out of her wheelchair, the sudden onset of bruises was caused by that.

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It’s a good thing Minnie’s family didn’t cave in to pressure. They decided to look into it further because they thought something was wrong.

They replaced the clock in Minnie’s room with one that had a hidden camera, and they started documenting daily events at the hospice. They observed, recorded, and planned. They were frightened by what they eventually captured.

As it turned out, Minnie was being tortured and abused inside the house, and it was most definitely not in an acceptable way. One of the caregivers mocked Minnie by shoving a freshly cleaned cloth into her mouth and pouring water in her face.

Fortunately, because of their initiative and perseverance, Minnie’s family learned the shocking truth before she passed away. The two caregivers, Brenna Tiller and Iwuchukwu Ekechukwu, were charged with felony elder abuse.

Tiller went on to work at another facility even though Ekechukwu reportedly had her nursing home license revoked after being found guilty of a felony and sentenced to a five-year probationary period. According to Rasansky Law Firm, the police claimed they couldn’t find her.

To learn the entire story, view the video below.

It should be obvious that nobody should be treated in this way, especially someone as defenseless and dependent as Minnie.

This incident should, at the very least, make us more cautious and trust our instincts. It should also make us consider the type of society we live in and why it’s even dangerous to leave elderly relatives in a facility.

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