I’ve invested $73,000 in surgery so far, and my transformation journey continues!

With his novel method of artistic expression through cosmetic surgery, Patrick has generated a lot of buzz. They spent a staggering £58,000 ($72,719) on Botox injections, filler materials, and procedures to create a doll role model.

Because of his long lashes, bleach-blonde hair, and full lips, Patrick is occasionally mistaken for a woman. It should be noted that Patrick does not identify as a woman and that he has since disclosed the real reason behind their ongoing cosmetic procedures.

Patrick’s path of self-expression is remarkable because of their unwavering dedication to getting what they refer to as the “plastic look.”. “.

They have spent a whopping £58,000 on cosmetic procedures as a result of his devotion to this aesthetic.

Veneers were a recent addition to their repertoire that cost an additional £2,500. At the age of 18, Patrick decided to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance his naturally feminine features. This is when his adventure really began.

They now fully accept and even love their doll-like appearance.

It’s important to note that Patrick’s desire for a doll-like appearance is not motivated by a desire to change their gender, as some individuals who choose similar surgery do.

The desire for personal expression and genuine enjoyment of the plastic look, according to them, are the driving forces behind their ardor for this aesthetic.

Patrick has also admired how easily switching between male and female roles highlights each gender’s unique approach to self-identity.

Given their innately feminine traits, according to Patrick, their transformation to a more feminine face was straightforward.

Since they became interested in cosmetic procedures at the age of 18, they have carefully maintained their beauty. Every month, they have fillers put in their lips, chins, cheeks, and under-eye areas, among other areas of their faces.

Additionally, every three months, they have Botox injections as part of their routine. Since their first trip to an aesthetic salon, Patrick has shelled out roughly £45,500 on Botox and other cosmetic procedures.

They underwent a nose surgery and a facelift in addition to injections and Botox in order to achieve the desired artificial appearance. It is simply amazing how intently Patrick worked to achieve perfection and symmetry akin to dolls.

It’s fascinating to observe where people get their inspiration for their fashion and appearance.

Patrick’s obsession with the perfection that dolls represent has become his motivation.

To achieve a similar style, they are always trying to improve their features. Patrick’s experience serves as a reminder that there are numerous ways to express oneself and that unanticipated sources can have an impact on personal style.