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Known models today, the albino sisters were born 12 years apart.

These siblings share a unique quality despite being born more than ten years apart.

A lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and/or hair is a symptom of the rare genetic condition known as albinism, which affects only a small percentage of the population.

Albinism is not very common, so it is amazing that a Kazakh couple had not one but two albino children who were born 12 years apart.

Introducing Asel and Kamila, two remarkably distinctive siblings in high demand as models.

The older child, Asel, is 14 years old. Her mother, Aiman Sarkitova, acknowledged that she was shocked to learn that she was albino.

Genetics had not quite developed to its present state when she gave birth to her oldest child. She had a conversation with The Daily Mail. It’s only just beginning. The information shocked the doctors.

When Kamila was born 12 years later with the same problem, imagine their shock.

These two siblings joined forces and started a modeling partnership because they together make for a distinctive, arresting sight.

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Asel has been modeling since she was ten years old, but her fame has increased since having her two-year-old sister by her side.

The two have a combined Instagram following of over 33,000 users.

Albinism has significantly contributed to their success, despite the fact that it’s not always simple. Sensitivity to sunlight is one of the illnesses connected to the disorder.

Asel stated that she used sunscreen, skin-protective clothing, headgear, or an umbrella when she went outside in the afternoon. ”.

I find it much easier in the evening when there is almost no sun.

They will always have one another, despite all the challenges life throws at them.

Due to how uncommon their condition is, albinos frequently feel alone, but these two sisters are fortunate in that they will always have a relative who is also albino.

And hopefully, by becoming models, they will raise awareness of albinism and demonstrate just how beautiful albinos can be.

Asel claims that “a lot of people don’t know what albinos are”.

These sisters are gorgeous in our opinion. Spread the word about this amazing tale and these stunning images!