Sending Our Thoughts to Rosalynn Carter, Beloved Wife of 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Rosalynn Carter, a former first lady, has dementia and is 96 years old.
Rosalynn Carter’s passing brings us great sadness, so we share the news. She has dementia and is 96 years old.

Her husband, former President Jimmy Carter, is receiving palliative care at their home in Plains, Georgia, so the Carter family’s announcement comes at a difficult time.

Rosalynn Carter’s commitment to mental health.
For as long as she can remember, Rosalynn Carter has been a fierce supporter of mental health. She has always been at the forefront of efforts to increase access to care and lessen the stigma surrounding mental health conditions.

The Carter Center highlighted her contributions in a recent press release: “Mrs. Throughout much of her life, Carter has worked to improve access to care and lessen the stigma associated with mental health conditions. She is the nation’s leading mental health advocate. “.

Let’s remove the obstacles.
One in ten older Americans suffer from dementia, which has an impact on their general mental health. The Carter Center recognizes that stigma frequently acts as a barrier to people and their families seeking the assistance they require.

We hope that as word of Rosalynn Carter’s dementia diagnosis spreads, it will spark important discussions at dinner tables and in doctors’ offices all over the nation. We can make a more welcoming and encouraging environment for people with dementia and their families by eradicating the stigma.

A legacy that lasts: Jimmy Carter.
The oldest former U.S. president is Jimmy Carter, who is 98 years old. S. president. Jimmy Carter made the decision to receive palliative care at home with family members present in order to manage his health issues, according to the Carter family.

The longest-serving presidential couple in history, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have demonstrated strength and dedication over the course of their 76-year marriage. Their romance dates back to the Second World War and has survived the ups and downs of political life.

The long-lasting effects of Rosalynn Carter.
Beyond her position as First Lady, Rosalynn Carter has had an impact on society. Her entire life has been devoted to promoting mental health, starting conversations, and bringing about positive change.

Let us honor Rosalynn Carter’s enduring legacy and the difference she made in the lives of countless people as we continue to stand by and support the Carter family during this trying time.

As they navigate this trying chapter of their lives, let’s keep Rosalynn Carter and her family in our prayers and send them our best wishes for courage and peace.