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The movie The Passion of Christ.

Jim Caviezel was reluctant to accept the demanding role of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s film because he believed it would almost certainly lead to his being fired by Hollywood.

Coincidentally, when he was 33 years old, he made the decision to go forward despite the risks.

While filming, Jim faced many challenges, including losing 45 pounds from exhaustion and malnutrition, being struck by lightning twice, dislocating his shoulder when the cross collapsed while he was still on it, and eventually passing away from pneumonia and hypothermia after spending too much time outside in only a loincloth.

The horrifying crucifixion scene alone required five weeks of the two months the movie took to make.

Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus Christ in the well-known film “The Passion of the Christ,” was so emotionally and physically exhausted by his role that he needed two open heart surgeries after the film had ended.

He remained resolutely committed to his performance despite his exhaustion: “All I want is for them to see Jesus,” he said.

Conversions will follow from that. That is what occurred.

Many members of the cast and crew claimed to have seen the mysterious forces of mercy, compassion, and grace at work while the movie was being made.

While Pedro Sarubbi, who played Barabbas, felt as though Jesus Christ was looking directly into his eyes, Luca Lionello, who played Judas, initially identified as an atheist before filming but later converted to Christianity and had his children baptized.

Even some of the on-site technical staff underwent spiritual transformations as a result of working on this groundbreaking project, with one Muslim technician changing his religion to Christianity.

The Passion of the Christ, the most significant R-rated film in history with domestic box office earnings of $370.08 million, continues to be a cinematic classic. It is also the highest-grossing religious film of all time.

As evidenced by its astounding $611 million worldwide gross, the movie had a significant cultural impact that was felt all over the world. Even though Mel Gibson is known for financing The Passion entirely on his own, without any assistance from the studio, it was a wise choice because the $30 million investment quickly generated more than 20 times its original value.

Some producers saw enigmatic white actors they had never seen before on the set while filming, but when they later watched the footage, they couldn’t locate them. This peculiar encounter increased the mystery and lasting legacy of the film.

Jim Caviezel freely professes his faith in Jesus Christ after having a profoundly transformative experience that revealed him to be the Son of God. This compelling presentation has strengthened and validated his faith, allowing him to deepen his love and loyalty for the Savior.