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The owner of a grocery store bans Pepsi products after learning about the offensive logo.

When an Athens, Alabama, store owner made the decision to stop selling two particular search Pepsi products, it divided opinion and sparked an online discussion.

The owner of SandZ Grocery, Phillip Stewart, claimed that he disagreed and therefore could not advertise products with the NFL’s logo.

I don’t want to offer them any sort of assistance. He told WAFF that it just seemed wrong to him. It does have the logo, so I can’t sell the item with integrity,” he continued.

Steward informed his customers via a Facebook post that he would no longer be selling the goods because he did not agree with how some NFL players disrespected the flag by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.

During the playing of the national anthem, a number of athletes knelt in protest of the treatment of people of color and police brutality.

Stewart continued after acknowledging the athletes’ point of view: “There are other ways to handle it”.

I’m sure something good comes out of this, but I disagree with the tactic, he continued. Due to this, people are now aware of it.

This business owner was not offended by either the Pepsi search or the protest’s objectives. In place of goods displaying the NFL logo, he continues to sell their goods.

Stewart’s choice was criticized by some as being irrational, but it was admired by others for him for sticking by his beliefs.

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