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Yes, Stallone forbade “Woke Crap” from being used on the set of his newest movie.

America, the statement is accurate. Sylvester Stallone forbids it on his movie set because he is anti-woke.

According to online sources, Stallone declared that there would be “no woke crap” on the set of his upcoming film.

We checked the author of the original story’s credentials and found him to be absolutely reliable. We believe he is unlikely to post anything he does not believe to be true because he posts things for the entertainment of his devoted followers.

The source seems to be unreliable and based on rumors. The individuals who qualify—a small group of left-leaning trolls and a few ignorant potatoes—discussed the issue in great detail, and while a significant portion of them believe it to be true, hope it is true, or perhaps even pray it is true, it is improbable that it is. If false, wait.

Patriots, please excuse my confusion.

Because it has been corroborated by patriotic Americans who don’t dismiss divine intervention when we’re unable to explain something, you can confidently tell others about the story.

The author is probably full of nonsense, claims Stallone’s spokesman Joe Barron, who satisfies all the standards set forth by journalists for an accurate fact-check, but that doesn’t mean the incident isn’t real or that it isn’t conceivable.

I appreciate you, Sly. You are a blessing to the country.