Astonishment sets in as a bystander notices numerous individuals lying face down, only to discover the fascinating reason behind it.

Superheroes are children’s favorite creatures, and that’s natural. Thanks to their incredible courage, superhuman abilities and beautiful costumes, they can always save the day. They have large followings, attract national attention, and are praised for their bravery.

Well, that’s fiction. Let’s discuss some of the real life heroes of the world. This is a story of people who bravely move forward, no matter what happens. They are not resistant to lasers, cannot lift vehicles with their hands, and cannot fly.

Their strengths are patience and courage. Firefighters are highly trained professionals who can handle any situation on the ground, whether they are climbing structures or putting out large fires.

Although they are constantly risking their lives, they decide to save their lives because they have a clear goal. These people lead ordinary lives just like us, and their families are waiting at home for their needs, desires, ambitions and dreams to come true.

Wildfires are a huge threat because they spread quickly and burn nothing in their path. After many animals are injured or killed, their homes destroyed, and healthy trees destroyed by the burning flames, the fire can spread into a settlement and cause even more damage and destruction.

Bad weather in central Portugal caused similar accidents to cause similar problems, leaving only ash and death in its wake. About 60 people died and 100 were injured in this forest fire.

More than 1,500 firefighters have been assigned to the task, but they often have difficulty putting out the fires. While fighting fires and participating in rescue missions, they have no time to sleep or eat. The firefighters were shocked to discover they had only had 30 minutes of sleep. Lying on the grass, he took advantage of the small window of opportunity.

A passerby who discovered it took a picture and posted it online, which quickly went viral. If you share my admiration for these superheroes, please check out the attached photos and spread the word!