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It has been discovered what caused 500 pounds of alphabet noodles and pasta to be dumped in the woods.

The mystery surrounding the 500-pound pasta dump in a New Jersey creek, according to local resident Keith Rost, has allegedly been solved. He asserts that a veteran who was tidying up his mother’s house before she died committed the crime.

Rost claims that on April 28, a significant amount of macaroni and alphabet noodles were dumped not far from Iresick Brook. Rost went on to speculate that the man’s mother may have saved the food during the pandemic and was attempting to get rid of the extra.

In an interview with NBC New York, Rost stated, “I really feel like he was just trying to clear out his parent’s house, and they were probably stocked up over the last years”.

They always kept a pantry stocked with pasta and cans, just in case, according to what my grandparents remembered”.

Last month, a resident of Old Bridge Township came across some strange spaghetti piles while taking a walk in a nearby wooded area. He began investigating the peculiar pollution in the area as a result.

It has been determined what caused 500 pounds of alphabet pasta and noodles to be dumped in the forest.

The local activist who was in charge of publishing the now-viral photos online, Nina Jochnowitz, was contacted after the resident initially informed the township of the trash. The sixth ward was the location of Jochnowitz’s previous run for city council.

Although it’s conceivable that the area’s recent, intense rains contributed to the cooked pasta’s appearance, the issue goes beyond being a topic for Italian-food jokes. It was wasteful and possibly harmful to the environment to serve the spaghetti in such a sloppy manner.

According to Jochnowitz, the resident initially assumed it was hay, but upon closer inspection, they discovered a sizable amount of cooked spaghetti stacked tall.

The township was then contacted by email by Jochnowitz, but he did not receive a response. She made the choice to take action on her own, went to the scene, and took pictures, which she later posted on her public Facebook page for all to see.

Despite claims to the contrary, the pasta’s pH will have an impact on the water stream. A quote from The Philadelphia Inquirer by Jochnowitz. That creek is the source of the water for the town, so it needs to be cleaned up.

The extra noodles were quickly removed by Public Works!