New images of Tammy Slaton from ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ capturing a serene moment in a wheelchair, enjoying a waterfront sunset, have been released.

The “1000-Lb Sisters” star has been spotted out and about recently as admirers laud the advancements made in her weight-loss endeavor.

Tammy Slaton plans to spend some time outside this summer.

36 years old, 1000 lbs. On Wednesday, the Sisters star took to Instagram to share a series of photos of herself relaxing by the water in a wheelchair. In the photo, Slayton looks out to sea while wearing a pink outfit and a butterfly hairpin.

She has received praise from some of her followers in the comments section for her weight loss efforts and frequency of outdoor photo shoots in recent weeks.

“You’re doing fantastic, Tammy, and we are 100% behind you!” “Love that you’re getting out and seeing the world after your weight loss,” one fan remarked with the addition of another.

Slaton was also seen last week, giving her bariatric surgeon Dr. Eric Smith a special birthday gift.

She astonished her weight loss surgeon by showing up at his office and showcasing the fact that she had finally gotten rid of her oxygen tube and could walk independently in an Instagram video.

“There’s something missing!” Slaton exclaims with pride, pointing to her face as she moves and hugs Smith.

“No air! That’s amazing!” Before Slaton revealed that she had been without it for two weeks, Smith made the remark.

The incident, in Smith’s words, was the “best birthday surprise.”

Later, the reality star posed with Smith and her brother Chris for a picture.

Slaton bragged about how “great” she was feeling in May as she continued to advance noticeably after undergoing weight-loss surgery.

She spoke in-depth about the accomplishments she has made after undergoing bariatric surgery in 2022. She has made great strides since her near-death experience before the procedure when she was taken on a ventilator and put into a medically induced coma after family members reported that she stopped breathing.

Slaton said, “I wised up and got my operation. I was able to strengthen my lungs sufficiently to remove my tracheostomy tube for breathing, and most recently the doctor gave me the go-ahead to stop using my oxygen throughout the day.”

Now, she added, “I only use my BiPap machine and oxygen at night. I keep an eye on my oxygen levels throughout the day and always have my machine handy.”

Slaton continued, “I’m feeling fantastic! I’m grateful to be alive, and I enjoy how much progress I’m making.”