The mystery of 500 pounds of letter pasta dumped in the woods has been solved!

The 500-pound pasta drop in a New Jersey brook is allegedly a mystery that Old Bridge resident Keith Rost of Old Bridge has solved. A war veteran who had been cleaning out his late mother’s home, in Rost’s opinion, was the responsible party for this historic incident.

Rost thinks that pasta and alphabet noodles were dumped in large quantities close to Iresick Brook.

He makes the assumption that the man’s mother may have accumulated these foods during the pandemic and tried to get rid of the surplus.

Rost expressed his opinion in a conversation with NBC New York, saying, “I genuinely think he was just trying to clear out his parent’s house, and they probably stocked up over the past few years. “.

My grandparents would add, “They always kept a well-stocked pantry with pasta and canned goods.

Last month, a resident of Old Bridge Township was walking through a nearby wooded area when he came across strange mounds of spaghetti, which prompted him to investigate the strange pollution in the area.

Before getting in touch with neighborhood activist Nina Jochnowitz, who had previously run for city council in the sixth ward and was in charge of posting the now-viral photos online, the resident reported the litter to township officials.

Despite the possibility that the region’s recent heavy rains played a role in the cooked pasta’s appearance, this problem has more to it than just a humorous value related to Italian food.

In addition to being wasteful, soggy spaghetti might be bad for the environment.

According to Jochnowitz, the resident initially thought the substance was hay, but upon closer inspection, they found a sizable amount of cooked spaghetti stacked high.

After making this discovery, Jochnowitz emailed the township, but she hasn’t heard back. She took matters into her own hands and made the decision to go to the scene and take pictures, which she later posted on her open Facebook page so that everyone could see them.

One might wonder what the significance of pasta is in this situation. The pH of the pasta, however, might have an impact on the water stream, as Jochnowitz notes in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

This creek enters the town’s water supply, so the area needs to be cleaned up.